Saturday, July 9, 2011


So next month I'll be posting how the book is doing :) I'll get the details from my publisher also I believe that's when I'll get the first check well kinda second but totally first haha! I have total faith that this book is doing well. But that's probably just me! But if it isn't I have my whole life to have a well known book out there anyway! :D

Sunday, July 3, 2011


I feel like no one sees my blog. How can i get noticed? I don't understand. Maybe no one likes my book. That would be ok if i actually knew who did and didn't like it. I don't know that I'm good enough to be a writer maybe i don't think outside the box enough. Maybe I am just doing what everyone else is doing. Lately I've been thinking that I've hit the peak of my accomplishments and that now I have to live in reality just like everyone else. Why should I dream if I'm not going to realize the dream the right way. I should've just done what every other Black girl from Detroit did. Hair and Nails If I would've went to school for that instead of English I probably would've known if people liked what i did. and I probably would have a job and maybe I wouldn't have to work 12 hours in a factory if i did. smh. Why didn't I learn how to braid? Why didn't I?
I don't know why I'm sulking. I guess it's cause what i've accomplish i'm sure my family is proud of but why do they have to continue to act as if i didn't accomplish anything... smh. I'm a 21 year old Black Female No kids and Single. I'm in school for English: Creative Writing at CMU This will be my fourth year. I have a job there. It doesn't pay much but it's enough for me to save and It's not like I can't try to find another job there. I'm not super ambitious about anything but there are alot of things that i want to learn regardless of if they are in my career plans. Money isn't everything to me. That comes along and goes quicker than that. I'm trying to avoid having a family to take care of until I am able to take good care of myself and I haven't reached that point so why do i have to work super hard doing something I hate vs something that I love. I barely have that much time to do it to just sit there and think about the next sentence in my story. It's not like writing is just a cake walk. Nothing is. It takes hard work and dedication to do these things. But no one sees it that way but me i guess. sigh. I guess it's a good thing no one reads my blog. I could never see myself giving up on my dream no matter what. I want to become a great writer and have people love what I regardless of if it made money like that or not. I hate that money and loads of it is whhhatw hat we as people have to acheive before we've accomplished something... smh. Whatever i'm just gonna keep doing what i'm doing