Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Little Bit of Detail

I'm trying not to give detail about the book since it's so short but only for the people who view the blog. :) 

Lies of Pure Love is a romance novel or more like a novel about unrequited love. This novel is actually the introduction of the story idea for Kyle and Lina. The story is in no way complete and eventually I hopefully will be giving people more additions to the story in the coming future. I believe that as the story goes on people will like it more than starting off. 

In any case, Lies of Pure Love is about Kyle and Lina's relationship to one another. In this particular story Kyle is thinking back on instances of the the dysfunctional friendship he and his love has. Though she's barely mentioned Kyle also has a pretty long history with his second love Kelley. She's a high school girlfriend as soon as Lina is out of the picture. Their relationship takes them through college until Lina reenters the picture. Lina is a big time liar and Kyle hasn't quite uncovered why she buries herself deep in lies from wigs, makeup, and an usual style to occupation and lifestyle but he does have an idea.

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