Sunday, June 5, 2011

Where the title came from!

Lies of Pure Love wasn't the original title of this story. My very first title was Hidden in Lies. This story was originally an assignment for my English class in high school spawned from our pet peeves. Mine being liars. In any case, I decided to go off to college to learn more about writing and how to do it well. In college I learned quite a bit and was able to receive feedback on this story and also create new stories and poems. My first year in college this was the only story I had really written aside from my play that I had to rewrite (but that's another story). I finished the story making it a whopping 19 typed single spaced pages. I ended the story. My second year of college I ended up using the story for another class. I called it Hidden in Fear. The difference between Hidden in Lies and Hidden in Fear was that HIL was going to be from the female main character's prospective and HIF was from the Male main character's prospective. I also made a second addition to the story that takes place after all the events in the original story. This particular story is just the more compact version of the story as a whole. The final title, Lies of Pure Love, come from a friend. She helped me with this title because Hidden in Fear and Hidden in Lies are already titles use for other books. I had many title choices along with this one. This one just seemed more appealing.

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